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The Neoxa Whitepaper 2.0


The gaming industry is experiencing steady growth, but players often face challenges when trying to capitalize on play-to-earn opportunities, mainly due to cryptocurrency-related issues such as security concerns, volatile coin values, the absence of off-chain utility, and high transaction fees. Neoxa Blockchain emerges as an innovative solution poised to reshape the gaming landscape, allowing gamers of all levels to earn rewards while playing. Neoxa Blockchain stands out with its user-friendly design, making it accessible to both high-end and average computer users, seamlessly integrating their gaming experiences with the Neoxa wallet. Moreover, Neoxa provides value to coin holders through a dual-value mechanism, allowing them to purchase in-game items, enhance their gaming experiences, and even exchange the cryptocurrency for other digital assets. Its well-thought-out tokenomics ensure equitable benefits for all participants within the ecosystem, ensuring the long-term sustainability of Neoxa as a digital asset. In summary, Neoxa Blockchain represents a groundbreaking project that seamlessly bridges the worlds of gaming and cryptocurrency, simplifying the incorporation of supported games into the crypto space and delivering tangible value to gamers.
In essence, Neoxa Blockchain revolutionizes the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency by addressing common challenges faced by gamers looking to earn through their gameplay. The project's strength lies in its ability to overcome crypto weaknesses while creating a win-win situation for gamers. Its intuitive interface caters to both seasoned and casual gamers, making Neoxa accessible to a wide audience. Furthermore, Neoxa's unique dual-value proposition sets it apart, enabling coin holders to not only enhance their gaming experiences but also participate in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. With careful attention to tokenomics, Neoxa ensures fairness and long-term value for all stakeholders involved. In summary, Neoxa Blockchain is a game-changing initiative that seamlessly integrates gaming and crypto, offering gamers real-world value that extends beyond the gaming universe.


Since the advent of blockchain technology in 2008, cryptocurrencies and their related applications have been among the top trending topics in the tech and finance industries. Despite suffering setbacks such as market meltdowns and cybersecurity challenges, the crypto sector has continued to attract attention from investor communities across the globe. This attention has seen the industry record exponential growth in terms of the number of users and entry into new sectors. According to Statista, in December 2021, the crypto industry had only 295 million participants. As of December 2022, the number had jumped to 425 million, denoting a growth of 44 percent in just one year. The agency further notes that crypto users are expected to reach 1 billion by 2027. One of the new sectors blockchain technology has infiltrated is the gaming sector.
According to Grand View Research, The global blockchain gaming market size was valued at USD 4.83 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 68.3% from 2023 to 2030. The advent of blockchain technologies in the gaming sector has revolutionized the gaming experience for businesses and players. Blockchain technology has facilitated professionalization of the gaming industry, allowing players to earn as they play. The technology has also played an integral role in securing transactions in gaming ecosystems. By leveraging blockchain technologies, gaming platforms have been able to integrate in-game purchases via NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Although cryptocurrencies are playing a defining role in transforming the sector, most digital currencies being leveraged by gaming platforms have various weaknesses that harm the gaming experience.

Issues with contemporary gaming cryptocurrencies

Prior to developing the Neoxa Blockchain, comprehensive research was conducted to understand issues derailing the use of cryptocurrencies in gaming platforms. The research revealed that contemporary gaming cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to a myriad of challenges that not only harm the playing experience but may also discourage gamers from leveraging crypto gaming platforms. Some of the significant weaknesses of gaming cryptocurrencies include;


Security is a major concern for many cryptocurrencies, including gaming currencies. Since the advent of blockchain-based assets, cryptocurrency markets have been characterized by incessant cybercriminal activities, which have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars. According to a recent survey by Pew Research, 75 percent of Americans who have heard about cryptocurrencies are not confident in their safety and reliability. Security issues surrounding gaming cryptocurrencies not only expose gamers to losses but also discourage potential play-to-earn gamers from assimilating gaming cryptocurrencies.

Coin depreciations

Contemporary cryptocurrencies are prone to seasonal appreciations and depreciations. During peak seasons, they quickly gain value, allowing their holders to reap maximum profits. However, during market meltdowns, they devalue and leave their holders counting losses. Lack of value stability is a significant concern for gaming cryptocurrencies. It exposes gamers to uncertainties about the future value of their tokens and inflict losses to gamers when they depreciate. Coin depreciations are caused by poor tokenomics and unreliable earning methods that increase the supply of tokens in the market.

Inordinate delays

Gamers want to quickly make in-game purchases and integrate their new features into games. No one wants to buy a new feature and wait for hours or days before she can start using it in a gaming environment. Unfortunately, some gaming cryptocurrencies are not designed to provide swift transactions. Gamers must wait minutes, hours, or even days before their transactions are confirmed and bought features are unlocked. Slow transactions are often caused by stringent legacy security protocols that push transactions in long queues whenever there is an uptick in the number of purchases. Insufficient liquidity in the market can also cause transaction delays.

Lack of off-chain value

A majority of contemporary cryptocurrencies are designed to offer users on-chain value only. These currencies can be used for staking and making in-game purchases. However, beyond these functions, they do not have any real-world value. Lack of real-world value denies gamers the opportunity to spend their in-game earnings outside blockchain platforms.

Complex onramp process

Integrating crypto into gaming is arguably the foremost challenge. Many gamers usually find the process of registering on crypto platforms, going through the KYC process, and acquiring cryptocurrencies arduous and time-consuming. Besides, most cryptocurrency platforms interfaces are too complex for average gamers. Many gamers use fiat currencies to buy in-game items and upgrades to avoid the uphill task of assimilating cryptocurrencies in games. The sophistication of interfaces and processes employed by conventional gaming cryptocurrencies significantly hinders the adoption of digital currencies in gaming.

Exorbitant transaction costs

Another issue deterring broad adoption of gaming cryptocurrencies is the excessive tax crypto platforms charge. Most crypto platforms do not have a fixed transaction cost rate. At one time, the transaction cost rate may be 5 percent, a few weeks later, the rate is at 15 percent. Fluctuating transaction costs are often caused by platforms using level of activity in the market to determine transaction cost rates. When many people are transacting, platforms push the transaction costs higher. High transaction costs discourage gamers from transacting more frequently. In some cases, they impel them to transact in fiat currencies, which are cost-friendly.

Liquidity challenge

Liquidity is essential for the proper functioning of any crypto market. Reduced liquidity can adversely impact the ability of gamers to use cryptocurrencies. For example, lack of liquidity in the market can limit players' ability to acquire intended cryptocurrencies – they want to exchange fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies with the target coin, but no one is willing to sell the coin. Reduced liquidity can also prevent gamers from cashing out their cryptocurrencies or exchanging them for other cryptocurrencies – they want to sell their currencies, but no one is willing to buy. Some gaming cryptocurrencies have liquidity issues, limiting their usability.
These are some of the top issues limiting the usability of cryptocurrencies in gaming ecosystems. While some emerging cryptocurrencies have attempted to solve some of these issues, the approaches used are not sufficient to completely mitigate these problems. Neoxa Blockchain is a revolutionary crypto project designed to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in gaming environments.

Neoxa Blockchain

Neoxa Blockchain is a project that's shaking up the gaming industry by offering a cryptocurrency that lets gamers earn while they play with ease. The project combines cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, drawing on the best practices in the crypto industry to create a gaming cryptocurrency that provides gamers with an exceptional crypto gaming experience. Neoxa Coin, the native currency of Neoxa Blockchain, is a customized version of Dash tailored to meet the needs of contemporary gamers. While Neoxa Coin currently supports gaming environments like Neoxa Rust and GTA FiveM servers, the platform is set to expand to support more gaming communities. Some key features of Neoxa Blockchain and Neoxa Coin include:

Dash Fork

Neoxa is a distinctive cryptocurrency project that has amalgamated elements from various established blockchain platforms to create a robust and versatile digital coin. It is based on a fork of Dash, providing a solid foundation for its functionality. One of Neoxa's standout features is the implementation of SmartNodes, a technology inspired by Dash's Masternodes. SmartNodes play a pivotal role in the Neoxa network, offering services such as instant transactions and private send functionality while actively participating in the consensus mechanism to secure the blockchain. This enhances the overall speed and security of Neoxa transactions while incentivizing network participants to hold and operate SmartNodes, thus contributing to the project's stability and decentralization.
Additionally, Neoxa integrates assets and utilizes the KawPoW mining algorithm from Ravencoin. This integration brings a new dimension to Neoxa by allowing users to create and manage digital assets on its blockchain. These assets can represent a wide range of tokens, from digital representations of physical assets to unique in-game items. The KawPoW mining algorithm, known for its efficiency and security, ensures the integrity of the Neoxa network and provides a fair and accessible method for users to earn Neoxa coins through mining. By amalgamating these features from Dash and Ravencoin, Neoxa aims to offer a robust, multi-faceted cryptocurrency platform that can serve various use cases within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from fast and secure transactions to asset creation and management.

Coin Burning Mechanism

Neoxa introduces a coin burning mechanism that distinguishes it from other play-to-earn projects. In a unique approach, when users make purchases of in-game items within the Neoxa servers, these coins are permanently removed from circulation, ensuring a one-of-a-kind reduction in the overall coin supply. This innovative feature not only adds depth to the play-to-earn experience but also contributes to the long-term value and scarcity of Neoxa coins, setting it apart in the cryptocurrency gaming space.

KawPow Algorithm

The KawPoW (KawPow Proof-of-Work) algorithm stands as a significant milestone in the world of cryptocurrency mining. Introduced as an improvement over its predecessor, ProgPoW, KawPoW was designed to bring greater fairness and efficiency to the mining process, particularly in networks like Ravencoin. Unlike ProgPoW, which aimed to level the playing field between various mining hardware types, KawPoW takes a different approach by favoring consumer-grade graphics cards (GPUs) over specialized hardware like ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits).
KawPoW achieves this by incorporating aspects of the RandomX algorithm, which relies on a CPU's processing power for mining. This unique combination creates a more democratic and accessible mining landscape, allowing a broader range of miners to participate and earn rewards without the need for expensive, specialized hardware. As a result, KawPoW promotes a more decentralized and community-driven mining ecosystem, fostering inclusivity and reducing the likelihood of mining centralization, which is a common concern in many proof-of-work networks. Overall, the KawPoW algorithm represents a step forward in the pursuit of fairness and accessibility within the cryptocurrency mining space, aligning with the principles of decentralization and democratization that underpin many blockchain projects.


Neoxa SmartNodes serve as the backbone of the Neoxa blockchain network, playing a pivotal role in ensuring its functionality and security. Inspired by Dash's Masternodes, Neoxa SmartNodes are a fundamental component of the network's consensus mechanism. These SmartNodes perform various crucial tasks, including facilitating instant transactions, maintaining a high level of network security, and enabling features like PrivateSend, which enhances user privacy within the Neoxa ecosystem.
One of the standout features of Neoxa SmartNodes is their commitment to network security. To operate a SmartNode, users are required to lock up a substantial amount of 1 million Neoxa coins as collateral. This substantial collateral not only ensures the commitment of the node operator to the network but also helps prevent malicious actors from compromising the system. In return for their services, SmartNode operators receive rewards in Neoxa coins, creating a strong incentive for participants to maintain and secure the network. This innovative approach not only contributes to the overall stability and decentralization of the Neoxa blockchain but also ensures that the network remains efficient and resilient, making it a vital component of the Neoxa ecosystem.

Gaming Portal and Marketplace

Neoxa introduces an innovative gaming portal that seamlessly links gamers' wallets with their gaming profiles, ensuring they receive rewards for their in-game actions. This integration revolutionizes the gaming experience while introducing a unique incentive structure. Gamers can earn Neoxa coins during their gameplay and then utilize these coins within the Neoxa marketplace. Notably, each item purchased within the marketplace triggers a coin-burning mechanism, effectively reducing the total Neoxa coin supply.
This ingenious design not only empowers gamers to monetize their in-game achievements but also contributes to the scarcity and long-term value of Neoxa coins. As players engage with the Neoxa ecosystem, they simultaneously enjoy a rewarding gaming experience and actively participate in the sustainable growth of the Neoxa cryptocurrency. This harmonious blend of gaming and crypto represents a novel and enticing proposition within the realm of play-to-earn gaming, positioning Neoxa as a standout player in the crypto gaming landscape.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount considerations within the Neoxa ecosystem, underpinned by the utilization of Dash's robust codebase, integration of Ravencoin's assets, and the KawPoW mining algorithm. Neoxa inherits the security features and battle-tested codebase from Dash, a cryptocurrency renowned for its resilience against attacks and vulnerabilities. This ensures a strong foundation for safeguarding user funds and transactions, bolstered by the dedication of the Neoxa development team to regular security audits and updates.
The integration of assets from Ravencoin further enhances the privacy and security features of Neoxa. Users can create and manage various digital assets on the Neoxa blockchain, benefitting from the inherent security measures associated with asset management. These assets can represent a wide array of tokens, from digital representations of physical assets to unique in-game items, all while enjoying the security features designed by the Ravencoin community.
Additionally, the implementation of the KawPoW mining algorithm enhances the overall security of the Neoxa network. Known for its efficiency and resistance to ASIC dominance, KawPoW creates a more decentralized and resistant network against potential attacks. This aligns with the principles of security and decentralization that underpin Neoxa's vision, offering users a resilient and secure environment in which to transact, create assets, and engage in play-to-earn gaming.


Usability is at the forefront of the Neoxa ecosystem, combining innovative features to create a versatile and engaging platform for users. As a Play2Earn coin, Neoxa redefines the concept of gaming by enabling users to earn cryptocurrency while enjoying their favorite games. This seamless integration of gaming and cryptocurrency usage enhances the platform's usability, making it an attractive choice for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts.
The coin burning mechanism within Neoxa, where all coins spent in the marketplace are permanently removed from circulation, enhances usability by promoting scarcity and value in Neoxa coins. This design encourages users to actively engage with the marketplace and the broader ecosystem, creating a dynamic and rewarding environment.
Neoxa's SmartNodes bolster usability by ensuring fast and secure transactions. These nodes play a critical role in the network's infrastructure, providing users with quick and reliable transaction processing, which is essential for a seamless user experience.
The combination of PoW (Proof-of-Work) and the KawPoW mining algorithm ensures usability by allowing users to mine Neoxa coins using readily available GPU hardware. This inclusivity makes Neoxa mining accessible to a wider audience, further enhancing the usability of the platform.
Lastly, Neoxa's asset functionality adds another layer of usability, allowing users to create, manage, and trade various digital assets on the blockchain. This feature expands the platform's utility, enabling users to tokenize virtual in-game items, unique collectibles, or even real-world assets, enhancing their overall experience within the Neoxa ecosystem.
In summary, Neoxa's usability is a result of its inclusive Play2Earn model, coin burning mechanism, SmartNodes, GPU-friendly PoW mining, and versatile asset functionality. These features collectively create a user-centric and intuitive ecosystem, making Neoxa a comprehensive and engaging cryptocurrency platform.


Neoxa Blockchain is meant to facilitate both on-chain and off-chain utilities. Some of the primary functions of Neoxa Coin include:
• Within the Neoxa ecosystem, a vibrant marketplace awaits users, offering the opportunity to utilize their Neoxa Coins for the purchase of coveted in-game items, adding depth and excitement to their gaming experiences.
• For avid gamers, Neoxa Coins serve as a valuable resource, allowing them to enhance their arsenal of items and advance through various gaming levels with ease, offering an immersive and rewarding gaming journey.
• Enthusiastic crypto aficionados seeking to engage in the Neoxa network's governance and security can do so by running SmartNodes, requiring a commitment of 1 million Neoxa Coins as collateral, ensuring network integrity and decentralization.
• Neoxa Coins' versatility extends to their exchangeability with other cryptocurrencies, enabling holders to diversify their crypto portfolios and participate in broader crypto trading activities.
• As the Neoxa Blockchain continues to mature and evolve, the utility of Neoxa Coin is expected to expand even further, with prospects of direct usage within traditional financial markets, underlining its potential as a valuable and versatile digital asset.

Gamers Rewarding Mechanism

Neoxa is a cryptocurrency coin that offers an innovative approach to merging gaming and digital currencies seamlessly. This dynamic model empowers gamers to actively earn Neoxa coins while indulging in their beloved gaming experiences, transforming gaming into a rewarding venture.
What makes the "Gamers Rewarding Mechanism" truly remarkable is its adaptability. Gamers can not only relish their in-game achievements but also unlock tangible real-world rewards through Neoxa coins. This distinctive fusion of gaming and cryptocurrency elevates the gaming experience, while simultaneously fostering a thriving and connected gaming community. With over 250,000 payments already distributed to gamers, this mechanism proves to be a game-changer, highlighting the potential for gamers to derive financial benefits from their gaming prowess. The "Gamers Rewarding Mechanism" redefines our perception of gaming, turning it into a platform that offers both entertainment and financial empowerment.

Supported Games

At present, the Neoxa ecosystem proudly features support for popular gaming titles such as Rust and GTA FiveM servers. These games serve as the foundation for Neoxa's play-to-earn vision, offering players the prospect of earning rewards while engaging in their gaming adventures. Looking ahead, Neoxa has ambitious plans to expand its gaming universe, with a commitment to introducing additional titles to its ecosystem. The aim is to diversify the range of play-to-earn opportunities for users, while also aligning with the gaming experiences that players already hold close to their hearts.

Economic Model

Neoxa's tokenomics are meticulously designed to ensure a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. Of the total rewards distribution, 45% is allocated to miners, promoting a secure and decentralized network through PoW mining. Another 45% is dedicated to SmartNodes, enhancing transaction processing speed and network reliability, while also incentivizing node operators.
In support of the Play2Earn model, 5% of rewards flow into the Play2Earn fund, rewarding gamers for their in-game actions and fostering a dynamic gaming environment. Additionally, 5% is directed to the development fund, enabling ongoing innovation, maintenance, and growth of the Neoxa ecosystem.


In conclusion, Neoxa emerges as a revolutionary force in the cryptocurrency and gaming landscape, introducing a groundbreaking ecosystem that merges the realms of blockchain technology and gaming seamlessly. Built upon a robust foundation derived from the Dash codebase, the integration of Ravencoin's asset functionality, the KawPoW algorithm, and the innovative SmartNodes system, Neoxa offers users a comprehensive and user-centric experience.
Our commitment to the Play2Earn model empowers gamers to earn rewards while immersing themselves in their favorite games, reshaping the way we view gaming and cryptocurrency. Neoxa's forward-thinking tokenomics, where 45% of rewards go to miners, 45% to SmartNodes, 5% to the Play2Earn fund, and 5% to the development fund, ensure a fair and sustainable ecosystem.
One distinguishing feature of Neoxa is its coin-burning mechanism within the marketplace, permanently removing coins from circulation when users make purchases. This design fosters scarcity and value, elevating the utility of Neoxa tokens.
As we continue to expand our supported games and evolve the Neoxa ecosystem, we envision a future where users can engage with a diverse array of play-to-earn opportunities while leveraging Neoxa for a range of real-world applications. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the relationship between gaming and cryptocurrency, driving innovation, inclusivity, and rewards for all within the Neoxa community.

Future Plans

  • Expanding Gaming Library: Neoxa is committed to broadening its gaming library, offering users more diverse play-to-earn opportunities.
  • SmartNodes Development: Neoxa has plans to enhance its SmartNodes, exploring their utilization for streaming and game server hosting, creating an even more versatile and valuable network infrastructure.
  • SDK Development: Neoxa intends to develop a user-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK) that empowers game developers to seamlessly incorporate Neoxa assets into their games, promoting broader adoption.
  • Asset Exchange Creation: Neoxa has plans to establish an asset exchange platform where users can easily exchange digital assets, fostering a dynamic marketplace for asset trading.
  • In-Game Monetization: Neoxa envisions an in-game monetization system where gamers will have the opportunity to earn more by participating in Neoxa's ecosystem. This will involve buying back Neoxa from the exchange, with a percentage of the proceeds distributed to players and a portion burned to enhance scarcity and value.